About Petition Hero

You look around and see a world of corruption, incompetent regulation, cronyism and the erosion of personal freedom. It is almost enough to make you through up your hands in despair. Almost, but not quite…

Why? Because you know that change always starts with one person saying no to injustice. You know that you have the power to enact change, every day, in the things you say, the choices you make, the lives you touch. You have what it takes to be a citizen warrior, a force for positive change, a Petition Hero!

This site is a tool for you to use in your struggle. It is intended to be very simple to use. Creating your petition requires just four steps:

  1. Register as a user. This requires that you validate a real email address and some relevant information. We do this to ensure that those posting petitions are real people, with real issues, not trolls or foreign peddlers of fear and dissension.
  2. Create your petition. We have provided some helpful tips for drafting and promoting your petition here (link this).
  3. Agree to our Terms and Conditions. We ask that you comply with some basic rules of behavior and decorum when using this site. After agreeing to our terms, simply publish your petition, allowing for up to 48 hours for its approval by the site administrators.
  4. Begin promoting your petition to your family, friends, colleagues and social media content. The success of your petition depends largely on your ability to share with others and get them to do the same. This is the most important part of your activism, so be a hero and promote far and wide.

We thank you for using Petition Hero and joining the vast army of citizen advocates who speak truth to power and are actively working for a brighter tomorrow.